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Put On Lyrics: Feelin' like a million, I don't even need them dollars / Lookin' brand new, I ain't even been shoppin' / The price of what I got no couldn't fit up in your pocket / Takin' off the. The fierce flame fluttered like a silk flag, throwing an angry swaying glare mingled with moving shadows over the poop, lighting up the concave surfaces of the sails, gleaming on the wet paint of the white rails. View in context. Indignant becometh the flame when they put their damp hearts to the fire; the spirit itself bubbleth. I guess we do not say: Put it on the fire. To put something on fire/flame might mean to "burn it with fire/flame." The best way is to say, as Rathony suggested: Put it on the stove/gas. or. Cook/bake/heat it. This is what we say normally. If you are on a camping trip(and don't have grill or stove) or on some wild.

flames at fan2(2), → add fuel to the fire/flames at add(9)COLLOCATIONSverbs put out/extinguish the flames (=make them stop burning)The firemen successfully put out the the flames (=pour water on them to make them stop)We used a bucket of water to douse the r the flames (=put something. That thou stir up the gift of God, which is in thee by the putting on of my hands The Greek word rendered "stir up" literally means to kindle up, to fan into flame. Chrysostom brings home the great lesson taught by this word, which belongs to all Christ's people alike, when he quotes 1Thessalonians , "Quench not the. Experiment #2. Another chemical reaction you probably know is the reaction between vinegar and baking soda. This reaction produces a gas called carbon dioxide. This gas can be used to put out a flame. Let's try it!.

A phrase gs68 uses when he full well knows he will get flamed, or after stating an opinion everyone goes against. I said electronica kicks ass, so I put on a flame suit to repel those disgusting comments about my mom. by dj gs68 October 19, 30 Get the mug. Get a *puts on flame suit* mug for your mate Nathalie. 2 Aug An animal fat or vegetable oil inferno is pretty much the worst-case scenario in any kitchen environment. But do you know how to snuff out a fire if oil or fat goes up in flames? First, DON'T use water. The kitchen experts at Stack Exchange tell you what you should use.


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