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sbt uses Apache Ivy to implement managed dependencies, so if you're familiar with Ivy or Maven, you won't have much trouble. The libraryDependencies key. Getting the right Scala version with %% Ivy revisions. Resolvers. Overriding default resolvers. Per-configuration dependencies. Ivy configurations are essentially named sets of dependencies. You can read the Ivy documentation for details. The built-in use of configurations in sbt is similar to scopes in Maven. sbt adds dependencies to different classpaths by the configuration that they are defined in. All new SBT versions (after x) by default put the downloaded JARS into the. ivy2 directory in your home directory. If you are using Linux, this is usually /home/ /.ivy2/cache. If you are using Windows, this is usually c:\Users\\.ivy2\cache. EDIT: Here's an example from one of my.

11 Jun "" %% "foobar" % ""). The important part of that is knowing to use the ++= operator and a Seq. On a related note, if you just have one SBT library dependency, just specify it with this syntax: libraryDependencies += "org .clapper" %% "argot" % "". Share Twitter Facebook Google+. 16 Jun "Libraries in provided scope" is a popular concept used in variety of SBT projects. Some notable examples are: projects using sbt-assembly plugin to produce fat jars; projects using libraries like spark, predictionIO and others to perform data manipulation; etc. sbt-catalysts. Join the chat at Sbt plugin that provides a common build infrastructure and library dependencies for typelevel-like and similar cross platform projects.

Changing gears a bit, let's look at how to use published libraries to add extra functionality to our apps. Open up and add the following line: libraryDependencies += "s" %% "scala-parser- combinators" % "". Here, libraryDependencies is a set of dependencies, and by using +=, we're. I'd like to understand better what trouble you are having, because there really isn' t much to it. This is all pretty simple: // unmanagedSourceDirectories in Compile:= List(file("\path\to\my\source")) libraryDependencies:= List() // remove Scala's library from dependencies unmanagedJars in Compile. 11 Jul In this post we look at how we can use SBT's source generators to centrally manage library dependencies across a recursive SBT build.


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