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PS3 User Icons - Download Free PS3 User Icon (Page 43), png icons, free icons. Do they have to be a certain size or does the PS3 re-scale them, and what fromats are supported, particularly for things like transparencies. I've searched both the net and the forums as well as the PS3 user guide and can't seem to find any reference to this. Any help would be appreciated. 28 Jul Hey guys So i was browsing the web and i found this To me these icons look awsome and my real props to the guy who made them, so i thought id post them.

I believe the only way to change your avatar (profile picture) is to go under " Account Management" on your PS3 (can't be done from a computer) and select the "Avatar" icon. There are a bunch of ones already loaded there, and you can purchase others from the PSN store. 0. c 11/15/ - pm. Yea I was. 20 Dec With homebrew app's that gave us access to the PS3's flash, it gave us a multitude of customisation options gliitch's custom boot sounds being one of them , i have put together some high quality icons, for you to use with your user name on the PS3. The icons themselves were not created by me, i gathered. Edit user information, such as user name and icon. Log in as the user whose information you want to edit. Select the icon of the user, press the triangle button, and then select [Information] from the options menu. Select the items that you want to edit.

Change the icon (thumbnail image) associated with a folder or file saved in the system storage. With the folder or file selected, press the triangle button, and then select [Information] from the options menu. Select an icon, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation. Results 1 - 24 of Ps3 avatar Icons - Download Free Ps3 avatar icons @ IconArchive. Search more than icons for Web & Desktop here.


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