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SiteRanker brings you rating and reviews of websites you browse and allows you to post your own rating and review on a website to help other users to stay away from a website you found dangerous, or recommend them an eshop whose services you were satisfied with etc. SiteRanker is a web browser extension designed to track usage of various domains when browsing the Internet in order to provide aggregated web site usage statistics. These stats include domains, search keywords and more. SiteRanker plugin also runs a process that sits in the notification areas of teh system tray and. 12 Sep SiteRanker is a web browser extension created by Crawler LLC that supposed to help users find out the reviews and ratings of specific websites. These statistics contain domains, search keywords and more. SiteRanker plugin also runs a process.

What is ? The genuine file is a software component of SiteRanker by Crawler. A browser helper object from Crawler, SiteRanker runs in the background in conjunction with your web browser. It keeps track of the websites you visit and reports back to a main server. Crawler uses the data it gathers to. 2 Oct What is SiteRanker? SiteRanker is promoted as a program that helps people know reviews and ratings of specific websites. However, if you happen to decide. 2 Oct If you see ads by SiteRanker on Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer while browsing the internet, it is very likely that other additional items are also installed. It may be necessary to remove third-party programs and browser attachments to completely get rid of this adware and other unwanted items.

Should I block ? SiteRanker Trayicon is the program that runs in the Windows system tray notification area and provides access to the main SiteRanker progam. SiteRanker has been advertised as a useful tool for computer users, however, the truth about it is completely different. In fact, the program turns out to be another unwanted helper that you should delete from your PC without any consideration. No matter if your operating system is affected by Wsys Control, BenchUpdater. 1 Oct Do you know what SiteRanker is? If you need to get some information about a particular website, you might think that SiteRanker program might help you to do.


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