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See installation instructions for Ubuntu and Debian, OpenSolaris, CentOS/ RedHat, FreeBSD, If you get compilation errors regarding PKG_CONFIG or GTEXTUTILS not found, see this email for a possible solution. If you wish to install fastx-toolkit to a non-standard location (e.g. not /usr or /usr/local), see this email for tips. 28 Apr /sw/bin/pkg-config > checking pkg-config is at least version yes > checking for GTEXTUTILS configure: error: Package requirements > (gtextutils) were not met: > > No package 'gtextutils' found > > Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you > installed software. Latest commit bd2b on Jan 18, Steve Lianoglou Initial commit of fastx-toolkt () and libgtextutils () Initial commit of fastx-toolkt () and libgtextutils () For building and installation instructions please see the INSTALL file.

12 Apr Hello, I'm new to sequence analysis and I have barcoded Illumina sequences which I want to split into different files. I already tried to install FASTX to do this, but I get constantly the next error when I want to configure: checking for GTEXTUTILS configure: error: Package requirements (gtextutils) were not. 28 Jun make[1]: Entering directory `/home/jkhurana/Downloads/libgtextutils/src' Making install in gtextutils make[2]: Entering directory `/home/jkhurana/ Downloads/libgtextutils/src/gtextutils' make[3]: Entering directory `/home/ jkhurana/Downloads/libgtextutils/src/gtextutils' test -z "/usr/lib" || /bin/mkdir. The problem comes from here: pipe_fitter.c: In function 'pipe_close': pipe_fitter.c: error: variable 'i' set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable] int i, status ;. but I'm suprised because as far as I can see libgtextutils/blob/master/src/gtextutils/pipe_fitter.c#L48 'i' is declared.

Gtextutils - Utilities for fastx tools. The Gtextutils library is available using the command: module load gtextutils. More information about gtextutils · More about modules. Package, Summary, Distribution, Download. Development files for libgtextutils, libgtextutils-develfcaarchrpm · libgtextutils-develfc , Development files for libgtextutils, Fedora Rawhide for armhfp, · libgtextutils-develfci html. Aayush Shah · Research IT Software Archive · Dr. John K VanDyk · November '15 Announcements · Research IT | Sept Updates: Server downtime on Sept 30th, R now available in RISA · Iowa State University. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences · College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Gilman Hall.


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